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Yo dang, we heard you like bones… somehow Tova managed to get the elk horn stuck in her bone. And I can’t get it out. #pitbullproblems


No one is more excited about Batgirl’s new costume than Kara.

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Oh my god your shiala is amazing!! I found you through a post batgirl of burnside reblogged (I'm working on the new design too) but your cosplay reeaaaallly makes me want to work on the Tali and Shepard armor stuff I half started
kesselruns kesselruns Said:

Ahhh! Thank you so much! I really love working on Mass Effect characters because Matt Rhodes did such an amazing job on their designs. It’s such a rich universe to pull from. You should totally do more ME stuff, then meet up with me at a convention for photos.

And good luck with your Batgirl build. Do you put up WIPs on your tumblr?  I’m going to start following your progress.



~ Ant Lucia

Reblog always.

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Oh my, you're THE Shiala clone i'm seeing everywhere on Facebook, right?!! I just wanted to say your cosplay is AMAZING, you did a really good job and you deserve all my respect and admiration!! ~ following your tumblr ~
kesselruns kesselruns Said:

By the Goddess! Thanks. I really appreciate complimnents. They make me all warm on fuzzy.

I truly love all the feedback and thanks for taking the time to mesg me.

So, I’m about to totally jinx it, but I have NEVER had costume supplies match so well, or be gathered so quickly. I’m already 50% done the jacket pattern.

Can I mention how stoked I am to be wearing practical shoes for a cosplay? Oh hells yeah. I’m pretty much just waiting on the wefts I ordered from Arda wigs.

I’m pretty excited about this costume. Not gonna lie.

One of the challenges it’s going to present my is that cowl/mask. I’m planning on making mine out of Worbla, but I want it to be very fitted and streamlined like the concept. So… I’m finally making a head cast. I escaped doing that for Liara and Shiala by buying wonderful prosthetics by The Mad Masker, but it’s finally like to slather myself in Vaseline and cover my face in plaster and hope to God I don’t fuck up or panic.

Good times, am I right?

The theory is that after I make a mold I’ll be able to totally make a bad ass custom Batgirl mask for my epic cosplay.

What? Sorry, can’t hear you. #ladytattoos #labyrinth #studioartease

Nailed it. #chocobo #finalfantasy #cute #tattoo




You know what you need? An adorable fat mermaid print! These lovely ladies are from my new beach bellies series. More to come soon. Check them out on my society6 page:


Love this. Next mermaid tattoo?

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Today I bought all the fabric and boots for this. More projects… I have an addiction.